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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Earthworm Benefits

Heard his name also would people feel jiji especially earthworms tuh see pictures, may also assume that there is not disgusting, it turns earthworms (Earthworm) saves a lot of benefits as well. Among more than 1800 kinds of worms are known by scientists there are two types of worms that we use in the cultivation of worms and organic fertilizer production process, which is kind Caing Rubellus Lumbricus and Eisenia Fetida (worm Tiger / Tiger)

Earthworms Lumbricus Rubellus kind is earthworms belonging to the group of invertebrate animals (invertebrates) that lives in the soil loose and moist. This worm is a type of worm that is included in the epigeic worms. Both types of worms are very easy to be bred, but it reproduces very quickly compared to other types of worms.

Cow manure is great for weight growth and proliferation of worms Vermi Rubellus. What if we input 1 kg of worms Vermi Rubellus at a media box that contains a mixture of 1 kg of sawdust that we soak in water in order to remove the sap and smell, with 3 kg of cow dung old or blackened. Then we give the feed pulp from tofu or sugar, then within two weeks the worms will spawn.

Having seen eggs cooked or look yellowish, we separate between the parent worm egg, mother's save kemedia new and eggs that are mediated before we leave for approximately two weeks, the eggs will hatch after hatch we love the new feed regularly, within one month or at the latest after 6 weeks the worms have become mature and ready to spawn as its parent.

Meanwhile, the Parent had spawn, after two weeks and then he will spawn again. Continue to do so, when a good parent worms feed every two or three weeks he will spawn. In two months he will produce four offspring, if we have a parent as much as 100kg in two months we will have the potential of children 800kg worm, could even be more because every one egg contains 4 rubellus worms Vermi worms pups.

Earthworms save a lot of benefits. In fact, many people who eat to cure some diseases, without side effects.

According to experts Rubellus worm Lumbricus contains high protein content of approximately 76%. The level is higher than the meat of mammals (65%) or fish (50%).

Several studies have proved the antibacterial power of protein extraction results of earthworms that can inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenterica, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella thypus.

The benefit of them ever attempted:

    * Heal Typus
    * Lowering cholesterol levels
    * Increase endurance
    * Lowering high blood pressure
    * Increased appetite
    * Treating gastrointestinal infections such as typhus, dysentery, diarrhea and other stomach disorders such as ulcers
    * Treating respiratory tract infections such as cough, asthma, influenza, bronchitis and tuberculosis
    * Reduces fatigue due to fatigue or due to rheumatic
    * Lowering blood sugar levels of diabetics
    * Treating hemorrhoids, exim, allergies, wounds and toothache.

Still disgusted with benefits ..?

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