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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

7 Ethics Love

According to Victor Hugo, a French poet, said that the greatest happiness in life is to be loved ones. Loved by whom it will give a different and loved by the personal, communal, social or universal cross.

Bond of love that grows from the awe eye, blood-kinship ties (social group), it also determines the quality and quantity of the underlying hierarchy.

Love that fillah and billah is the love that is almost entirely free of the ego-subjectivity. Fillah love, give love sincerely share the warmth of the sun as sincere as anyone, billah devotion to duty, function, and potential in him. Love not only give hope back. Had someone hurt because of love, it must be because he did not get the desired, love never hurt.

Love (LOVE) is pure, divine love is the illumination asthma. Purity of love demonstrated by tindaka measures are not divine wrath, do not undermine the rules (norms of ethics) a pure private.
Seven Types Love
1. Narcissistic Love; love someone who has almost everything in common with you. For you, he's like a mirror that reflects your shadow self.

2. Antonymical Love; since the object of love is so exotic, so different, you captivated and enchanted by it. (Contrary to the narcissistic love).

3. Practical Love; love someone on the basis of your dengandiri similarity in values ​​and life goals. You hope to reach it together.

4. Redemtive Love; your love for objects of love that will give the same thing, the love that makes your life feel more valuable and more meaningful.

5. Self-Loathing Love: you fall in love with someone who treats you badly, you feel you deserve. At the extreme level, the relationship may involve verbal abuse and physical violence. (The opposite of narcissistic love).

6. Savior-complex Love; your loved one with the assumption can save or fix "broke" suffered by him, you look like a hero. (Reverse Escapist love).

7. Escapist Love; love someone who expected to be able to change your life, someone who can take you out of the problem of the existence of oneself or psychological suffering. Arguably literally able to "save you".

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